About Us

Company Profile 

Oro Tex, Inc. is an American multinational corporation with the focus of designing and manufacturing gold layered finished in Brazil and India. An aggressive marketing plan has been put in place in order for name recognition and competitive advantage. The cooperation between our factories allows our company to produce jewelry of the best quality in 14 and 18Kt Gold layered at a price that is unmatched. Another objective is to provide Oro Tex, Inc. customers with a wide and continous range of designs which currently exceed 10,000 different styles. 


Company History  

Oro Tex, Inc. was established in 1998, founder Steve Bayat. Oro Tex, Inc.'s other divisions distribute also gold all around the United States, Latina America, Europe, Canada, Africa and newly stated Middle East . Today Oro Tex, Inc.'s headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA USA, manufacturing plants in Brazil and India, exclusive agreements with distributors and agents to cover all territories. 


Company Overview 

Oro Tex, Inc. has plants in Brazil and India that work intimately with our global sales offices in California. Our sales centers are strategically located in the west coast to serve domestic and international clientele. The cooperation between our factories and sales offices allows our company to produce pieces of the best quality based on the specifications of our customers at a price that is unmatched. Always looking for the latest trend in fashion. Oro Tex, Inc. continues to push the envelope when it comes to expanding its product line. Each one of these products remain in the Oro Tex, Inc. tradition of superb quality, competitive pricing and being customizable at the request of our clients. 



Our unique selection of jewelry is made with 8 layers of finishing in 14 and 18Kt Gold. Each item is manufactured to the highest quality specifications, and made to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our quality control team randomly selects items for inspection to ensure that the quality of our product is maintained throughout all our jewelry. 


Mission Statement 

To manufacture the highest quality of jewelry at the best price of the market and always be on the cutting edge of our industry while creating opportunities for our clients to grow and prosper collectively, always providing the best customer service. 



606 S. Hill St. Suite 301, Los Angeles Ca 90014 

Tel:( 213)627 8382 Fax: (213)627 2954 

Email: [email protected]